Kings Without Thrones Book Cover Final.j

A majority of Americans are very frustrated about the direction our country is taking and feel powerless to do anything about it. The 1% have taken over the government and are managing it to rapidly expand their own net worth. This book shows what each of us can do to help improve this situation (beyond our vote) that is non-violent and, surprisingly, that also leads to a dramatic increase in our personal happiness.

Part 1 reveals how the very rich—the kings without thrones—with their think tanks and mass media, have brought us under their spell using the promises of happiness from all that money can buy, and by raising our fears of not being good enough unless we buy. They are also downplaying the hazards of climate change and major wildlife extinctions to keep us focused on buying so that their quarterly income statements look good.

Part 2 then lays out a real solution. It shows how all this buying doesn’t bring us the happiness and security it promises. Instead, it details how recent discoveries in eight different sciences support and expand on the world’s great spiritual teachings to more fully delineate the true path for our long-term happiness.

And then, it makes an amazing discovery—this buy-less path to happiness also gives us the economic leverage over the 1% to bring our capitalism back into balance, convert our government from a plutocracy (government by the rich) to a real democracy, and help save all beings on the planet from climate change. This is the Gandhi-proven path to independence from the greed of the very rich and fairer opportunity for all.