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While many non-fiction writers have a deep expertise in a specific field, I have interests in and experience from many different fields. This overview, combined with my wife’s experience as a social work professor, has strengthened my ability to synthesize diverse areas of knowledge into a new, coherent whole.

My education includes an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering with a minor in business from Marquette University. After four years as a U.S. Marine, serving as a communications officer and a veteran of the Vietnam War, I completed a master’s degree in English literature at the University of Hawaii.

In my career, I gained business experience over a fifteen-year period with a large industrial instrument company doing technical writing, public relations, and product management. Then, for over 20 years, I have been an entrepreneur, learning the joys and travails of being a co-founder of three start-up companies that pioneered research, development, and marketing of patented, microwave technology for in-line analytical measurements that help optimize industrial process operations.

I was raised as a Catholic and educated in Catholic schools by Dominican nuns, Christian Brothers, and Jesuits. In my fifties, I began a wider exploration of religion and spirituality. As a result, I have spent more than a decade facilitating study and meditation groups in both Christian Centering Prayer and Zen Buddhism. In support of these practices, I have volunteered with Hospice patients and am now assisting with a meditation and support group for prisoners.

Happily, my experience also includes being married for more than 50 years to my wife, Sue, and helping to raise and learn from my wonderful daughters and grandchildren.

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